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TEC Courses / Dry Suit Diving and more DIVING SCHOOL I DIVE IN VIENNA

Technical diving requires more extensive training and experience

Our diving school with an attached diving shop in Vienna specialises, among other things, in so-called TEC diving. Here we go beyond recreational diving with you and show you as an experienced diver what else is possible.

Whether you are simply very interested in technical details and the corresponding practice, want to strengthen or expand your professional diving skills or are simply a very advanced diver looking for the adventure of newly discovered areas, it doesn't matter – our TEC courses will be a challenge for you. We'll be happy to answer your first questions on 0664 3460556. And because we're often underwater and reception is rather poor there, you can also send us a message via the contact form or e-mail. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

TEC diving at any time of the year – these diving courses are available

With dry suits, we can go diving together with you even at lower temperatures and discover new areas. Of course, your (and our) safety is paramount. These TEC diving courses are available with us, for example:

  • Solo diving course
    Here the name says it all. The requirements are an age of 21 years and at least 100 completed dives.
  • Advanced Nitrox
    This course is about planning, preparing and conducting decompression dives with a stage tank and oxygen up to 100%.
  • Advanced Deep Course up to 50 m depth
    This course is a continuation of the Advanced Nitrox course. Together we reach depths up to 50 m.
  • Extended Range up to 60 m depth
    With two-stage tanks and different deco gases including a double unit with/without a bridge, we will plan, prepare and execute deco dives.
  • Advanced Wreck
    These decompression dives with full equipment on and in the wreck consist of planning, preparation and execution.
  • Trimix
    These are dives planned, prepared and conducted with helium, oxygen and nitrogen mixtures.

We look forward to your participation in one of our TEC diving courses!

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