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Diving courses for advanced divers AT YOUR DIVING SCHOOL I DIVE IN VIENNA

Off to new adventures – with new skills/techniques we pave the way there

From A for breathing technique to Z for sign knowledge, we teach you everything you need for your next safe dive. You are beyond the beginner level and want to continue your education in the right way? Then we have various advanced diving courses on offer for you, of which we would like to show you some examples here. If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to advise you personally.

Classic and special diving courses for advanced divers in the Vienna area

Want to take the next step? Into new undiscovered waters? Into unimagined depths or challenging currents? Or do you want to take unique photos of a mystical wreck? With our diving school in Vienna, many things are possible. Among other things, we offer you these (special) diving courses for advanced divers:

Advanced Diving Course (AOWD)

Here you learn new skills and techniques in theory and practice, which are very useful underwater. There are 5 dives, with 1 navigation dive and 1 deep dive.

Rescue Diver Course (RESCUE)

An extensive first aid part including emergency oxygen administration as well as training on the AED (defibrillator) and procedures for injuries caused by marine animals are part of this training. Rescue skills and recovery techniques are perfected in the water before a final scenario is completed in the open water.

Special diving courses are available in various areas such as:

  • Dry diving course
  • Deep diving (40 m)
  • Nitrox (up to 40 % O2)
  • Photography diving
  • Ice diving
  • Equipment Course
  • Navigation course
  • Solo Diving

  • Drift Diving
  • Scooter Diving
  • Night diving
  • Boat diving
  • Wreck diving
  • Diving with full face masks (FFD)
  • and many, many more :-)

TEC courses – we are also real specialists in this field and offer you various diving courses

More equipment, more theory and more possibilities – our TEC diving courses offer this and much more. Are you interested and would like to find out more? Then take a deeper dive into the exciting world of TEC diving here:

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