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Beginner diving courses at your diving school WITH ITS OWN POOL IN VIENNA

We accompany you safely and routinely on your first breaths underwater

Every beginning is difficult. That's why it's all the more important that you, as a beginner diver, have someone around you who gives you a safe feeling every second. This way, you can quickly experience what it means to enjoy diving weightlessly and in perfect harmony. We are here to support you with experience and the perfect combination of fun and seriousness.

Safety is our number one priority, even in our beginner diving courses

When can we welcome you to our diving school? With individual didactic sensitivity for each diving student, we teach you theory and practice in these diving courses, for example:

Introductory Diving

In 3 to 4 hours, we teach you the necessary theoretical knowledge and extensive equipment training so that you can then carry out your first dive in our diving pool. Initially, we dive into 1.3 m deep water and if you want we can dive to 4 m deep.

Beginner Diving Course (OWD)

Here you learn extensively in theory and practice in the pool (duration approx. 2 days) your first diving skills. Afterwards, we go to the open water (lake or sea) to complete your adventure with your first 4 dives in 2 days.

We lend you the complete diving equipment (including ABC) for the duration of the course, so you can try out several pieces of equipment (such as different fins) at no extra cost!

Many things are possible with our diving instructor team in Vienna – further diving courses

Whether in your pool or the open water – with iDive you can go to shallow or deep depths, according to your wishes and your diving level. We offer you a large portfolio of diving courses and diving training from which you can choose what interests you. In addition to the diving courses for beginners described here, you will also find other offers on our site:

Do you have a question about a diving course or one of our diving training? Whatever you want to know, we are here for you and happy to answer all your questions at 0664 / 346-0-556.

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