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In a drysuit, almost your entire body (except your head and hands) stays dry. Since you have no direct water contact with your body, thermal functional underwear and cosy thermal undergarments keep you especially warm.

This makes YOU much better equipped for diving in Austria, in cold water and also for deeper dives, your dive times will be longer, and you can dive many other dive sites and thus have more fun in and under water. As a dry suit diver, you can dive ALL YEAR, and especially enjoy the nicer times in the Austrian lakes, because the visibility is MUCH BETTER BEFORE and AFTER the swimming season (summer)!

From January to May and October to December, visibility in the lake of over 15 m is not a rarity, but a fact! YOU can observe fish undisturbed and take especially beautiful photos in the cold, but very clear water. We offer YOU training, advice, SHOP and RENT of dry suits! So from a trial dive in a dry suit (just to try it out) to a full dry suit course, you can learn everything with us.

We will be happy to advise you and explain the "subtle differences" if you want to buy your dry suit, or you can simply borrow a suit from our large rental range (over 35 dry suits). As an Ursuit Test Centre and Ursuit dealer, you can try on, test in the pool, and buy and rent Ursuit drysuits.

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