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Professional diving instructor training from and with OUR DIVING SCHOOL IN VIENNA

We teach teaching if you enjoy working with diving students.

You know all the dodges and would like to pass on your skills and knowledge profitably as a diving instructor in the future? We support your ambitions and offer you various instructor training courses that give you the tools you need to run your diving courses.

Become a diving instructor – professional courses for future diving instructors in the Vienna area

We make your goals ours and give you the chance to push your career or simply pursue your hobby a little more intensively. In this area, we can offer you the following courses in our diving school:

The first step in your professional career. Here you learn how to support the instructor.

Assistant Instructor
Here you will also begin to teach students about diving theory and prepare them for the practical side of diving.

As an instructor, you can teach your students independently! This course enables you to.

EFR-Instructor / DAN-Instructor (First Aid Instructor)
To train your rescue students in first aid or on the AED (defibrillator), you should also take part in this programme.

Speciality Instructor (Dive Instructor for Speciality Courses)
Continue your instructor training and teach speciality diving courses after this training session!

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