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Diving School 1220 Vienna Ing. Franz Weixlbraun

... was born in the late seventies under the star sign of Pisces and always preferred to have his head underwater rather than above it. Even before he could swim, he was already diving.

His great passion is to introduce other people to the fascination of diving in all its facets. Active as a diving instructor in all waters for 15 years, Franz has experience in lakes, in the sea, as well as under ice. The spectrum ranges from training as a sport and recreational diver to further training as a professional diver as a divemaster or diving instructor to technical diving in both the PADI and ProTec CMAS systems.

In addition, iDive is a certified PROTEC Premium Centre and PADI 5-Star Resort!

The pool of his dive centre combines all the advantages of the dive schools he has visited on his countless trips. In his courses, the focus is always on individual care and advice, which is why he limits the number of participants per course to a maximum of 4 people.

As a special service, he also offers organisation and accompaniment on diving trips. "For me, diving is a passion and a vocation. I feel comfortable and at home underwater." Franz conveys this credo to his diving students.

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